Lawton is a larger medium-sized city located in the state of Oklahoma. With a population of 94,653 people and 29 constituent neighborhoods, Lawton is the fifth largest community in Oklahoma.

Lawton is a military town: the armed forces employs 13.38% of the workforce, making the military a major focus of life in the city. In the civilian sector, Retail and Healthcare are important in the local economy and are the city’s largest civilian employers, employing 15.08% and 12.88% of the civilian workforce respectively.

A relatively large number of people in Lawton telecommute to their jobs. Overall, about 9.99% of the workforce works from home. While this may seem like a small number, as a fraction of the total workforce it ranks among the highest in the country. These workers are often telecommuters who work in knowledge-based, white-collar professions. For example, Silicon Valley has large numbers of people who telecommute. Other at-home workers may be self-employed people who operate small businesses out of their homes.

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